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Question 1 - What made you want to become a musician?

Can't say specifically but it was my dream since I was a young teenager…


Question 2 - What was your practice routine when you decided to get serious about playing jazz?

Lots of transcribing, learning and memorising many tunes, lots of focus on technique, time and vocabulary too.. I was pretty organised for a long time trying to cover everything that was relevant..  


Question 3 – What advice can you give to other musicians to get the most from their practice routine?

Don't over complicate things and be clear in your mind about what you want to do when you sit down to practise. Commit to it and don't give your mind the possibility to get distracted and doubt what you are practising. Always evaluate though and consider the importance of what you are working on and whether it works for you. If it doesn't work for you don't waste your time, find another way to approach the material or leave it. We are all different but some things benefits from clear goals and good organising, however, I also think it's important to follow your heart and be creative and exploring when practising.  


Question 4 - Can you recommend some books that helped you with your studies?

Harmonic Mechanics vol 1+2 by George van Eps, Lærebog i Jazzimprovisation by Jens Westergård Madsen, The Advanced Guitarist by Mick Goodrick, Charlie Parker Omnibook, Joe Pass Chord Solos


Question 5 - Which recording, either as a leader or a sideman, do you think is the best example of your playing?

Possibly my new album "Urban Novel"


Question 6 - Do you have a standard procedure for your compositional process?

Not really.. I explore ideas and make exercises. Some of these becomes tunes


Question 7 - What qualities do you look for in your collaborators?

I guess I always look for people I like as people no matter how good they are. Maybe qualities like: great timing, informed ears, creative mindset, positive attitude…


Question 8 - Name some of your favourite standards and tell me why you like them.

I know so many and somehow I love them all for whatever they have in them because they have helped so much in my basic understanding of harmony and improvisation. Sometimes I think, that if I don't like a tune it's because I don't really get it and so I must work on it. Why some tunes speaks more to me than others is hard to say. A favourite tune can also be the one that you find the hardest challenge.  


Question 9 – What are some of your desert island discs.

"Intermodulation" Hall/Evans, "Art of the trio part 4" Mehldau, "The Next Step" Rosenwinkel ,"THe Bridge" Rollins, Julliard Ensemle Playing "Lyric Suite" by Alban Berg, Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson Trio, Anything with Art Tatum or Wes


Question 10 - What music are you listening to at the moment?

I'm checking out Peter Bernstein's new solo album on Smalls Live Label.. beautiful!


Question 11 - What motivates you to focus on creative music?

I like to search and explore, create and produce.


Question 12 – Tell me about some of the most memorable gigs you’ve played?

Did a really fun gig with pianist Bruno Heinen back in March at the Vortex for our upcoming album playing the music of Bill Evans.. Big challenge but very fun and a packed house..  


Question 13 - Tell me about some of the most memorable gigs you’ve been to?

I prefer listening in small venues. Back when I was studying in Amsterdam I was blown away by Dave Hollands Quintet playing at the old (and small) Bimhuis.. I think that was the hey days of that band when released Prime Directive and Not for Nothin'. I also remember Will Vinson's Qtet with Kurt Rosenwinkel a few years back at Charlie wrights in London.. Hot summer days, jazz in your face and heart. Pretty epic.  


Question 14 – Tell me about your current equipment set up?

I have mainly been playing an archtop Eastman Uptown Model for years now but have recently had a 16inch archtop build by Victor Baker in NY which is an amazing instrument. I've been into single coils for a while but the VB has Kent Amrstrong hum buckers. I bring some effects with me, EH Catheral Reverb, Line6 DD4, MXR 10 band eq, Xotic RC Booster and Carl Martin Rock Drive  


Question 15 – Tell me about some musicians you think people should check out?

Andreas and Mattias Pichler. Very talented drum and bass duet from Austria…


Question 16 - What's your favourite cultural pursuit other than music?

I like art galleries and contemporary dance


Question 17 - What do you think of the state of jazz in the UK?

There is so much talent and initiative out there amongst performers.. So many incredible musicians and bands in all possible sub genres. There seems to be a huge lack of money and support for venues that promotes jazz and improvised music though. But I'm grateful for all the burning passion I see in promoters and listeners all over the country.


Question 18 - Have you got any tips for jazz promoters?

Make sure to try and also reach a younger audience with the music you promote and the way you promote it.


Question 19 - What was the last thing you heard that got you excited?

I saw Rosetta Trio led by Stephan Crump at the Vortex a few months back. I was blown away by this beautiful but hard and complex music that was played with such ease and effortlessness always inviting the listener in.  

I heard the new album of Ambrose Akinmusire recently. Sounded very good too!


Question 20 – Have you got anything you'd like to promote?

I am releasing my second album featuring some amazing musicians: Jim hart vibes, Arthur Lea piano, Mick Coady bass and Jon Scott drums. It's called Urban Novel and was recorded at Eastcote studios in London, all original compositions. I think I get to show some different sides to my music and we mix up the line up's possibilities throughout the album. I feel like it is a step up from my first album and I'm very proud of it. It is coming out on Jellymould Jazz.